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Markthal in Rotterdam – love or hate?!

Posted on: January 29, 2015 by Nataliya Volosovych | No Comments
Markthal in Rotterdam – love or hate?!

Markthal in Rotterdam – love or hate?!

In October of 2014 Rotterdam cityscape was updated yet again by a 40-meter horseshoe shaped covered market called Markthal in Dutch (direct translation “market hall”). As it is often happens with modern and provocative architecture, it divided people into those who absolutely irrevocably adores it and those who finds it too big, too clumsy and overwhelming, and too expansive with no real value for Rotterdammers.


Interested in what I have to say about it?! I think that humankind (in this case the Dutch) proved one more time that there is no limit to creativity and invention of using existing building materials, battling nature, and reusing of centrally located urban spaces. It is an intriguing piece of architecture which I am sure I will be photographing for quite some time. I am still trying to figure out what angle is doing justice to this creation and what lens suits the purpose the best way. Day or night, empty or crowded – it has it all for a photographer.


In regards to the content of the market itself – I am still not sure if this is my place to go to every week. I will definitely find there some rare food items but price/quality combination is something I still have to explore.


But I will tell you this – we as a family love to come here from time to time and walk around and pretend we are tourists in our city! It is a bit difficult with small children to have dinner at one of the small restaurants there but I think it is quite nice to get out there for lunch with friends or colleagues rain or shine!



The opening day
Queen Maxima at the opening ceremony

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  1. economistUS (Vadym Volosovych) — February 1, 2015 at 20:43

    These are very niche shots, Nata. Besides the obvious architectural novelty of Markthal you convey the busy feel that one has when being there. Markthal is very in the spirit of R'dam: novel, daring, and not caring whether someone likes it or not. -Vadym

  2. Jana — April 15, 2015 at 15:39

    I could not agree more with Vadym! great pics….love the inside deco…I have only seen it from outside sofar, was always in a hurry to get somewhere else, lol:-) but its on my list to see! I also heard Rotterdamers complaining that its on the expensive side…I need to amke my own opinion…hopefully very soon! xoxo


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