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Autumn colors of De Horsten, Wassenaar

Posted on: October 13, 2014 by Nataliya Volosovych | No Comments
Autumn colors of De Horsten, Wassenaar

Autumn colors of De Horsten, Wassenaar

Autumn is again at the doorstep of the Netherlands. Although the days of the last week were exceptionally warm and sunny, I know that the rainy and cold breath of this season will not omit us. But for now I want to let my viewers enjoy the vivid colors of Fall and show you a bit from my archive that I saw myself only today :-). This was a pleasant walk in De Horsten, Wassenaar almost 3 years ago.
wassenaar_de-horsten-1 wassenaar_de-horsten-4 wassenaar_de-horsten-5 wassenaar_de-horsten-6 wassenaar_de-horsten-8 wassenaar_de-horsten-10 wassenaar_de-horsten-9 wassenaar_de-horsten-11 wassenaar_de-horsten-13wassenaar_de-horsten-12 wassenaar_de-horsten-14 wassenaar_de-horsten-15 wassenaar_de-horsten-16 wassenaar_de-horsten-18 wassenaar_de-horsten-20 wassenaar_de-horsten-21 wassenaar_de-horsten-22 wassenaar_de-horsten-23 wassenaar_de-horsten-26 wassenaar_de-horsten-27 wassenaar_de-horsten-30


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